The team at Simpol are not only professionals we hold dear, but above all they’re great friends:
having shared a workspace with them for close to two years is certainly one of the most positive experiences we will remember for the rest of our lives.
Being able to continue to collaborate, despite the fact that our paths have gone in different directions, remains a pillar of our working philosophy.

The project for Ligier group, European section, was done in style this year!
The campaign included six shootings in different locations and ultra-short videos of a few seconds that recounted everything already immortalised in the promotional images.
The campaign involved 15 professionals in the field, six days at different sets, five microcar models and three targets with models of different ages per day!
In five days of sets, we created iconic shots of the Ultimate, Elengance, Duè, MGO, and new for 2020/2021, the JS60 Microcars.
Each car was connected to locations in line with the style and models of three different age groups: young, adult and over.
The sixth day of shooting was carried out in the studio to capture the cars’ details and interiors.

Specifically for this project, we took care of all the post-production of the outdoor shots for the new Ligier group campaign.