Avocado Studio was born from an idea of two classmates, after having completed their degree in Visual Communication at IED Torino in 2015.
Together, we had the need and the will to showcase our world through the creation of photographic images, composed primarily in the studio.

We have worked for clients on national and international scale, but also, because of our strong legacy with our hometown, we love collaborating with local start-ups and brands.

Over the years we have managed to create a unique style and identity,that we love to apply to our projects in food, still life and automotive photography.

Everything starts from the urge to communicate something that we feel inside.

When we are on set, we get completely transported by all the elements that compose the process, from the first flash that we set up to the final image that we shoot.

The ability to amaze, enchant and transform what was just a sketch into a final image is what gives us the biggest satisfaction.

From 2021 we started to teach Creative Still Life Photography at IED in Torino. It’s a very new challenge that we love.
From students to teachers!

Andrea Bianco – Co-founder 

Apart from being able to immediately grasp the lighting needed for a shooting, even at the last minute, Andrea is a great ping-pong player.

Lucrezia Goria – Co-founder

Lucrezia is so kind and warm with all her customers and the people she comes into contact with. Another one of her best qualities is that she makes cakes to share with the studio.