In a society in which the debate on gender equality, the rejection of war, respect for minorities and protection of the environment are at the center of the political and cultural debate of the entire world, memory can only recall the period between 1960 and the 1970s in which, especially in the United States and in particular in California, the hippie and pacifist movement revolutionizes and breaks down social conventions, in the fields of philosophy, sociology, but also in the fields of fashion and style, creating an imaginary which survives to this day.
Vestil wants to pay homage to the new hippie spirit of the 20s of the 21st century, adapting that imagery to today’s trends, trying to bring the Californian atmosphere of the 60s back to the present day, with a modern vision.

Assistants: Ruben GuastellaLuca FarinetAndrea Terlizzi
BTS: Alessio Ferreri
Models: Gaia Novellati CalderaMargherita AgatiSofia Uwaela EnobakhareGiorgio OlivaSamuele Orsi 
MUA: Erika Finotti